Host your own Vinyl Night

Noise is Music Presents:
provides everything you need for a successful Vinyl night that you could host.

Noise is Music has many records which are brought along, what is not on our crates we could play via Serato (digital format).

If you or your guest have records and would like to put the needle on them then hit play, that is also great. You or your friend could do it or N.I.M could do it for y'all, just let one know what tracks you'd like played.


Lets be honest most individuals want to save money but look for the best. Well Pro Audio/Live event production equipment is not cheap. We don't mind spending the extra money to deliver the best experience possible. So with that in mind you shouldn't either. You don't get a DJ with this awesome package but you do get everything you need for a Vinyl Night. We could recommend a DJ but then whats the point of hosting a vinyl night? ok enough of this and lets get to the point...

   This package comes with:
-Two JBL SRX Series
-One Dual JBL SRX Series Subwoofer
-One QSC KW181 subwoofer
-One Light Bar
-Fog  Machines
-Two Technics M5G turntables
-Rane Sixty-Four mixer
-Our Personal Crates of Vinyl Records.

Price: $$ Contact to go over details and we can set you up with a quote.

    This Package coming soon...

Everything is connected with Mogami Cable and we use heavy duty extension chords that connect to the clean power surge protector and power conditioning power strip outlets.

**We highly recommend finding two electrical outlets closest to set up that have separate breakers. We don't want to cause a blackout by triggering a breaker to pop. It not only ruins the moment but also the gear used, we like running our power from the two separate outlets to be safe**